Featuring over 90 art publishers, independent bookshops, zinesters, artists and graphic designers from around the globe, UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair #SHABF2018 #shanghaiartbookfair presents for the first time the world’s art publishing scene in its rich variety for Chinese audience, as well as an exchange base between local and international publishers/artists. UNFOLD 2018 Shanghai Art Book Fair will be held free to the public from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June at O Art Center, M50, Shanghai.

Visitors will enjoy books from all fields of visual arts, including contemporary photography, illustration, comic and design. The fair is enriched with various events including talks, special exhibitions, installations and workshops.


O ART CENTER   #3, M50
Undefine M50   #6, M50
by Metro 13  [Jiangning Rd]  650m
by Metro 3/4  [Zhongtan Rd]  1200m

NEXT MIXING   #C, Garden Office
by Metro 2/11  [Jiangsu Rd]  350m

0.1 — Seoul, KR

首尔艺术家姐妹组合 0choo 和 1choo 自 2013 年起成立的出版品牌 0.1,稚气的手绘作品充满着生活的画面感,作品通过极其手工的方式小批量生产与售卖,实践包含丝网印刷画、zines、文具和织物等。
Founded by the sister artists team 0choo and 1choo in 2013, 0.1 is based in Seoul, South Korea. We draw images of children and make structures that contain pictures. Most of our artworks are small scale handmade products, eg. silkscreen prints, small art-books, stationery, fabric objects and so on.

3030 Press Publishing — Hong Kong, HK

3030 出版社由 John Millichap 于 2005 年成立,致力于出版新视觉文化类高质量书籍,关注中国当代艺术的兴起,传播中国正蓬勃发展的艺术文化。
3030 Press is a mini publishing house based in Hong Kong that produces beautiful, high quality books about contemporary art and design from China.

After Intermission — Beijing, CN

幕间休息 After Intermission 是一又二分之一工作室白魁先生负责的 1/2 项目,简称 AI。受邀参加 AI 项目的创作人群是拥有丰富设计或编辑经验的大众出版相关工作者。 原因是前仆后继地为官方出版机构提供着审美服务的人在工作的大幕落下之时,偶尔也想在幕间休息来一次即兴表演。
After Intermission is a project started by Bai Kui that invites artists and designers from the creative field with publishing experience. The goal of this project is to allow a time or space of after intermission to designers and to provide them with an opportunity of personal rather than commissioned projects.

AKAAKA — Tokyo, JP

日本摄影出版社 AKAAKA,由 Kimi Himeno 2006 年成立于东京。12 年间,AKAAKA 已结合国内外摄影师艺术家出版了超过 180 本摄影和艺术类书籍,其中合作的摄影师中有七人荣获木村伊兵卫写真赏大奖。
Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Kimi Himeno in Japan. We have published over 180 books specializing in photography and art, including works by international artists in past 12 years. The books we published with 7 photographers was also awarded the Kimura Iehei Photo Prize.


东京艺术出版社/画廊 AKIO NAGASAWA 长期致力于出版日本摄影师书籍并与不同的公共美术馆和机构共同策划展览等项目。 第一届 UNFOLD 上海艺术书展他们带来众多战后日本大师级摄影师书籍和日本当代年轻摄影师作品集,读者可通过他们的摊位一览日本战后摄影历史。
For more than a decade, AKIO NAGASAWA has dedicated to publishing photo books and having a close relationship with emerging and established artists. As well as directing the gallery and publishing books, Nagasawa curates several exhibitions in collaboration with public museums and institutions.

APOORZOO — Beijing, CN

APOORZOO 是由洮本圆于 2017 年创建的作品集团,并在这个集团的名义下进行有关书籍、装置、平面绘画、故事撰写的相关盈利事业。洮本圆,自由插画师,现居北京。2015 年毕业于法国 ECOLE PIVAUT。
APOORZOO is a place created by Tao Benyuan in 2017, where she does profit-making activities related to books, installations, graphic paintings, and story writing. Tao Benyuan is a freelance illustrator who graduated from Ecole Pivaut, France in 2015 and now living and working in Beijing, China.

aquamanile books — Beijing, CN

洗手盆书书 aquamanile books,2018 年于北京成立,是由艺术家 anusman 与艺术家能尖日共同成立的一个出版计划。主要从事与漫画和叙事相关的书与 zines 的出版。 目前计划分为两个大的部分,一部分是自己与朋友的作品,另外一部分是学术文集。
aquamanile books, based in Beijing, is a small publisher by artist anusman and Nhozagri, focusing on comic and zine publications by their own and with friends. aquamanile books also publishes academical monographs.

atelier iii — Tokyo, JP

atelier iii is a company by Tamami Iinuma based in Tokyo and Leipzig. Above her artistic practice and academical qualification (D.F.A.) on photography, architecture and books, Iinuma not only creates and presents her own works at art museums and galleries, but also extends commercial shooting world wide in cooperation with Melbourne-based architectural photographer, Benjamin Hosking, and publishes art books focusing on photography and architecture.


首尔艺术书店 B-PLATFORM 以 B 为空间创办理念,邀您一起感受当下一本书的诞生 (Birth),感受艺术书籍的创作文化。
Art book lounge B-PLATFORM is a book shop that shares the value and meaning of B. We offer a platform that walks you through the birth of books. We strive to become a space that creates art culture for books in our time.


香蕉鱼书店成立于 2010 年,由设计师苏菲和关暐创办,持续出版艺术家书与引进世界各地艺术设计类书籍,多年来积极推广独立出版文化和 Risograph 印刷文化, 香蕉鱼也是 UNFOLD 上海艺术书展的发起人及主办方。 BANANAFISH BOOKS is an art book publisher and project-oriented space based in Shanghai, founded by designers Qing Zhou and Wei Guan. For years, Bananafish constantly advocated for the culture of independent publishing and risograph in China, and is also the organizer of UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair.

Brownie Art Photography — Shanghai, CN

上海 BROWNIE Art Photography 品牌诞生的初衷是向每一个人分享来自全球的摄影艺术作品及文化,致力于将摄影及视觉艺术带入生活,以创造具有艺术美感及灵感的生活方式。 BROWNIE 亦推出《BROWNIE 布朗尼》独立摄影期刊以及“摄影出版物计划”并结合跨界公众展览,创造全方位的视觉艺术体验。
BROWNIE is a brand with a mission to make photography accessible for everyone. Using archival printing and framing techniques, we aim to offer limited editions of our international selection of art photographs to the public. With a specific theme each season, BROWNIE publishes the BROWNIE magazine.

Camo Collective — Beijing, CN

Camo Collective 是由毕业于伦敦艺术大学的学生们组成的艺术团体,主要从事插画、平面设计、独立出版等业务。目前已出版zine,月历、红包、明信片等独立出版物。
Camo Collective is an artist group composed of graduated students from University of the Arts London. This group mainly engages in illustrations, graphic design and self-publishing. So far, we have published zine, calendar, red packets, etc.

Can Yang — Shenzhen, CN

Can Yang (b.1994) is a China-born graphic designer graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (USA) in 2018. She creates and pursues projects that situated between design and cultural communication, taken the practices of brand identity, interaction, editorial and conceptual art. Can Yang (b.1994) is a China-born graphic designer graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (USA) in 2018. She creates and pursues projects that is situated between design and cultural communication, taken the practices of brand identity, interaction, editorial and conceptual art.

Case Publishing — Tokyo, JP

东京摄影出版社 Case Publishing 成立于 2015 年 9 月,Case Publishing 以艺术书为实践,试图探索艺术文化在当下的表达与输出形式。 成立后的两年内已在东京和鹿特丹设立书店和画廊空间,接下来也将在首尔和柏林设立分部。
Case Publishing has been publishing contemporary photography, design and art since its foundation in September 2015. Case’s mission has been extending the possibilities of art books as a platform for a variety of visual art forms. Case opened spaces in both Tokyo and Rotterdam in September 2017, with further locations set to open in Seoul and Berlin.

Charlene Man — Hong Kong, HK

香港插画家 Charlene Man 毕业于伦敦坎伯韦尔艺术学院,先工作生活于伦敦和香港。作品风格以色彩明快,构图简单而辨识度高,热爱独立出版。 自 2016 年以来以在大阪、台北、香港、佐贺和曼切斯特等地多次举办个展。
Charlene Man graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London and is now based between London and Hong Kong, creating art which, in its joyful simplicity of composition and colour, is open to all. She also had various solo exhibitions in Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Saga and Manchester since 2016.

Charles Nypels Lab — Maastricht, NL

BOOTH : Undefine
Charles Nypels Lab 荷兰马斯特里赫特艺术学院 Jan van Eyck 下的印刷和出版实验室,支持驻地艺术家的作品工艺和印刷出版。 近年来以其在制作艺术家书和出版物方面的专业行在世界范围内而备受关注。 自 2014 年开始,Charles Nypels Lab 每两年组织一场规模盛大的 Magical Riso Biennial 双年会,将世界各地的 Riso 专家聚集在学院一起讨论 Risograph 印刷对艺术出版物的影响。
The Charles Nypels Lab for Printing & Publishing is renowned for its specialist expertise in making artists’ books and print editions. It is a part of the Van Eyck – a post-academic institute for artistic talent development based in Maastricht. In a short period, the Charles Nypels Lab has expanded to become an international centre of expertise and development for many sorts of artists’ publications. Every second year the Charles Nypels Lab organises the Magical Riso Biennial, welcoming Riso experts from around the world.

Christopher Branson — Chicago, US

芝加哥艺术家 Christopher Branson 在同一空间生活和创作,作品结合多领域,通过油画、拼贴艺术、装置艺术、摄影、出版、写作等转瞬即逝的手法将形状、形式、光照以及语言融合。
Christopher Branson is a Chicago-based artist creating projects that each share a simple home in whimsy, using a multi-disciplinary approach that combines shape, form, light & language through painting, sculpture, collage, installation, photography, publishing, writing & various formats of ephemera.

commune — Tokyo, JP

大本营位于东京的出版及书店品牌 Commune Press,计划出版艺术书刊及策划展览,志在将具有潜力的艺术家介绍给世界。2016 年 2 月,Commune 实体艺术书店在东京落地。
Commune closed our gallery/shop in Tokyo in order to concentrate on publishing art zines and books from own label called Commune Press, and to curate shows so as to stay true to our primary goal; introducing undiscovered and promising artists to as many people as possible all around the world.

Cool Air Books — Shanghai, CN

冷气书店 Cool Air Books,是一家专注于收集国内外独立出版物,及艺术画册的独立书店。所谓“冷气”便是书页连续翻动时的那股凉风。 冷气书店同时作为一个自主出版社和项目空间,策划并出版了插画杂志 namelesszine,并利用书店空间不定期举办小型展览等活动。书店内的 Talk Tosh 印刷工作室,负责自主出版物的印刷和试验。
Cool Air Books is a small bookstore on collection of independent publications and art albums. The name "cool air" is from the cold wind when continuously flipping pages of a book. Also, as an independent publishing house and project space, Cool Air Books creates and publishes Nameless Zine. Talk Tosh is its printing studio for self publications.

Corners — Seoul, KR

成立于 2012 年的首尔平面设计工作室 Corner,同时也是首尔最大的 Risograph 工作室,Risograph 出版社。两位主要设计师 (Hyojoon Jo, Daewoong Kim) 在日常设计服务工作之外,也很喜欢做些有趣的个人设计项目,联合其他艺术家或设计师,让设计的范畴变得更加宽广。
Corners is a Seoul based graphic design studio, printing house using risography stencil duplicator, and a publishing company printing various artist books founded in 2012. Two members (Hyojoon Jo, Daewoong Kim) do their client job together and do their self-motivated works at the same time. They also collaborate with other artists and broaden their fields.

d3i press — Shanghai, CN

d3i press is a group of friends gathering ideas and works and enjoying making stuff. We are based in SF/Bay Area and Shanghai/Jiangzhe Area.

DECK Art Photography Centre — Singapore, SG

DECK 摄影中心是一家非营利性的摄影艺术空间,位于新加坡。DECK 是一家摄影图书馆和艺术家工作室,定期举办展览、活动和出版书籍项目。 自 2008 年起,DECK 摄影中心一直都是新加坡国际摄影双年展策展团队。
DECK is a non-profit art space in Singapore that focuses on presenting photography in exhibition, programmes and books. DECK is a photo book library and artist studio for new exploration in photography. The team behind DECK has organized the Biennale Singapore International Photography Festival since 2008.

Dinghaiqiao Mutual-Aid Society — Shanghai, CN

定海桥互助社是一个自发组织,也是用于社员共同学习、会谈、待客、反思、组织、创作的活动现场。通过对集结与创造艺术,知识之方法的探索, 互助社意在促成邻里或同志之间在互惠的原则下互动、互助、合作。互助社会举办讲座、游览、出版、地方特色的晚餐、学者驻地、放映活动和城际交换等项目和活动。
Dinghaiqiao Mutual-Aid Society is a self-organised group for learning, proposing, inviting, reflecting, organising and creatively working together. By exploring ways of gathering and producing art and knowledge, it pursues interaction, assistance, and cooperation with neighbourhood and comrades under the principle of reciprocity. Its programs include talks, guided tours, publications, locally cooked dinners, knowledge residencies, screenings, and inter-city exchanges.

dmp Editions — Taipei, TW

dmp Editions 是由 Shauba 和 didi 创办的多业态艺术项目,自我实践包含出版、策展、艺术指导、作品创作,还有离不开的吃和睡。两人目前生活和工作于台北和互联网之间。
dmp Editions is a multi-task project involving publishing, curating, art direction, making artworks, eating and napping. It was hosted by Shauba Chang and didi, who both currently live and work between Taipei and the internet.

Doooogs — Berlin, DE / Beijing, CN

Doooogs 是位于柏林和北京两地的小众艺术书发行和出版平台,致力于为北京和柏林的自主文化与艺术出版物提供更大的可见度。 自 2016 年起,Doooogs 为中国和德国的艺术刊物撰写评论和采访,通过参与和组织两地艺术书展以及线下活动的方式,探索呈现小众艺术书籍和杂志的更多可能性。
Doooogs is an art book distribution and self-publishing platform based in Berlin and Beijing, offering greater visibility to local culture and art publications. Since 2016, Doooogs has focused on cultural exchange between China and Germany by organizing art book fairs and other events in different places.

dotdotdot — Hong Kong, CN

来自香港的 dotdotdot 是一家 RISO 印刷工作室,设计 zine、明信片、海报及手工书籍等。
dotdotdot is a Riso Print Studio based in Hong Kong. Apart from providing printing service, we design products such as zines, postcards, posters, and paper crafts such as handmade books.

DREAMER FTY — Hangzhou, CN

DREAMER FTY 梦厂始于 2007 年,以“书”作为项目载体 (books-as-projects) 或作品 (books-as-works),将自出版物的生产方式作为一种艺术的表达与呈现, 并搭建不同创作个体间的合作。2015 年 DREAMER FTY 梦厂发起主办 abC 艺术书展 Art Book in China.
DREAMER FTY focuses on books; We publish books as projects, or books as artworks in themselves. Our publications are a means of expression. Started in the form of an e-magazine in 2007, we later transitioned to paper in 2010. Since 2015, DREAMER FTY organizes annual art book fair in China - abC, the first and largest art book fair for Chinese independent art publication.

Fenta Lab — Beijing, CN

fenta 粉塔,艺术家,漫画创作者。创作 AFU 阿蝠、头猫等系列漫画;运营着以多种媒介建构的 PPBB Project.
Fenta is an artist and cartoonist who draws series of comics, including AFU and TOUMAO. He also produced and managed an art project, called PPBB, based in multiple material since 2016.

Filed x vac — Seoul, KR

Filed x vac,由四位摄影师和一位设计师共同创办的独立出版品牌,借助文件档案的形式将各元素自由组合形成一个新的语境,同时保持各自的原创内容,摄影师又是编辑的身份提供内容, 设计师再加以编排,形成一个新的File.
Filed is an independent publishing made by a group of 4 photographers and a designer who are sharing their own point of view. It brought the form of the file that combines documents together loosely to make a new context, at the same time, to keep each of the original contents. Vac is a collective group searching for a visual translation of vacant spaces, while experimenting with their own arbitrary interpretation. Seeking unforeseen meanings from the relationship of absolute and relevant spaces, their works are mainly presented on the printed materials. ‘We make a vacation on the image.’


东京创意工作室GENERATIVE ART STUDIO,由设计师小西芽衣创办。
GENERATIVE ART STUDIO, is an Art+Design+Movie studio based in Tokyo set up by Mei Konishi 小西芽衣, a freelancer on CG Creator, web design, and motion graphics.


GESSOISLAND/,成立于沈阳。致力于发掘和呈现独立艺术创作的实验性、可能性, 为艺术家、设计师提供一个可供交流与展示自己作品的初始化平台。我们将不定期举办展览、 Artist Talk、Workshop、艺术家驻地项目等活动。
GESSOISLAND/ was founded in Shenyang with the aim of allowing for exploration and experimentation and providing artists and designers with an initial platform for exchanging and displaying their works.

Global Nomad Unlimited — San Francisco, US

Global Nomad Unlimited 成立于 2010 年,是一个以国际间文化交流为初衷的概念化组织。自 2014 年起,Global Nomad Unlimited与瑞典哥德堡版画艺术协会 Grafik I Vast 结成联盟,共同策划 2016 年在斯德哥尔摩和哥德堡中国艺术家版画作品展,2017,2018 年瑞典版画艺术家上海作品展等多个国际交流项目。
Global Nomad Unlimited is a conceptual organization founded in 2010 with the mission to promote international cultural exchange and understanding. Since 2014, we have been working with Grafik I Vast, the Swedish Printmakers' Association based in Goteborg. Major projects include Chinese artists exhibitions in Stockholm and Goteborg (2016) , and Swedish artists exhibitions in Shanghai (2017, 2018).

HOTAM/88BOOKS — Vancouver, CA

HOTAM/88BOOKS 是由策展人 Ho Tam 于温哥华成立的小出版品牌。从早期的 88BOOKS 开始到现在的 HOTAM, 他策划和出版了多个 zine, artist's books 自出版系列,并活跃于世界各地的艺术书展上。
Established by Ho Tam, HOTAM is an independent artist press based in Vancouver, Canada. HOTAM has produced series of zines and artist’s books including 88Books, xxxZines, Poser and Hotam. Its recent project is 'The Greatest Stories Ever Told.' In the past five years, HOTAM has participated in various international art book to present its publications.


IANN,即“看见和思考之眼”,成立于2007年,参与摄影杂志制作、策展、顾问以及教育组织。IANN 的口号是“以相通的想象力,交流艺术和设计”, 致力于与合作伙伴在当代艺术和文化环境下一同创造革新的视觉设计。
IANN, which means "seeing eyes and thinking eyes," has been engaged in art photography magazine and exhibition planning, consulting and educational programs, etc. since its establishment in 2007. With the slogan of "communicating art and design with shared vision," IANN aims to provide new and progressive visuals throughout the contemporary arts and culture with its brand partners.

Imageless Studio — Wuxi, CN

无像致力于推广影像文化,推介优秀青年摄影师,策划出版“无像”独立出版物,分享来自世界各地的优秀摄影出版物,组织、举办影像类展览,定期举办公共教育活动、 专业影像培训活动及国际间的艺术交流活动。
Imageless is devoted to promoting photography culture and excellent young photographers, planning and publishing independent publications, sharing excellent photography publications from all over the world, organizing photography exhibitions, as well as holding public education projects, professional photographic trainings, and international art communication activities regularly.

Invert Sandwich — Shanghai, CN

Invert Sandwich 是插画师挪猫者(Xinmei Liu)于2016年创立的个人自出版工作室,致力于制作与售卖手工书、插画 zine、海报、明信片等。已发布的作品包括 INVERT SANDWICH coloring zine、Burgers and Sandwiches、Alcoholic Drawings、Weird Dark Doodles 等。
Invert Sandwich is a self-publishing studio founded by illustrator Xinmei Liu in 2016, making and selling handmade books, illustrated zines, posters, postcards etc. Published works include INVERT SANDWICH coloring zine, Burgers and Sandwiches, Alcoholic Drawings and Weird Dark Doodles.

Jiazazhi Press/Library — Ningbo, CN

假杂志图书馆,一家关注图像作为创作媒介的艺术书机构,致力于图像作品在纸上的呈现。始于 2009 年,我们的实践包括杂志、艺术书、书店、图书馆、书展。我们创办于北京, 2014 年搬至宁波。假杂志图书馆同时也是UNFOLD 上海艺术书展组委会成员。
Jiazazhi Press/Library is an art book organization that focuses on photo media, devoting to exploring the possibilities of photo work presentation on paper. Our practices include magazine, art book publishing, book shop, library, book fair/exhibition. We started at Beijing since 2009, and in 2014, moved to Ningbo, a city by the East Sea of China. Jiazazhi is also the committee member of UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair.

Lala Company — Shanghai, CN

Lala Company 是 Radio Woon 自 2004 年开始的涂鸦项目,聚集了一群有趣人物,赋予大眼睛和大肠嘴的招牌涂鸦形象,并配以黑色线条的创作元素,简单却充满了幽默感。
Lala Company is a doodle project created by Radio Woon in 2004. Simple but full of humor, it has gathered a group of funny characters, and has given them an image with big eyes and a large mouth, and with black lines of drawing styles.

LibroArte — Tokyo, JP

LibroArte, established in Tokyo in 2008, publishes a large number of books concerning photography and takes particular interest in young photographers and supports them by publishing photo books and presenting exhibitions of their photographs. In recent years, LibroArte has become an active participant in art book fairs held in Paris, Taiwan, and Korea.

Lie Down Books — Shanghai, CN

Lie Down Books 是一个没有固定成员的松散组织。它关注和推广平面设计师发起或参与的自出版项目。
Lie Down Books is a loose organization with no fixed membership that celebrates and promotes self-published projects initiated or participated by graphic designers.


来自东京的摄影出版社 LIVE ART BOOKS 在日本已有 60 余年的印刷和出版经验,为许多摄影师出版过书籍。新创办的 BUENO!BOOKS 是 LIVE ART BOOKS 旗下的出版厂牌, 在此厂牌下出版了40 余册关于冲浪艺术文化的书籍。
LIVE ART BOOKS is a printing and publishing company with over 60 years experience in Japan, specializing in the production of art books. Under the publishing label BUENO!BOOKS, more than 40 art books specializing in surf art culture have been published.


LOST 是一本有关旅行和自我发现的杂志。LOST 坚信旅行的意义不在于华丽的酒店和名胜景点,而在于把自己彻底融入一个陌生的周遭去体会那种不适,并从中领悟。LOST 相信,旅行是一种心态。 VOLUME PRESS 是一个出版平台和线上书店,也是 LOST 背后的出版工作室。除了自出版的刊物,VOLUMEPRESS 也会和不同的机构和朋友合作一起做不同的出版作品,不定期举办与出版相关的工作坊。
LOST is a magazine about self-discovery through travel. It believes that travel isn’t about fancy hotels or tourist destinations, but about immersing oneself in some place entirely foreign to feel extremely uncomfortable so that one can learn from it. It believes that travel is a state of mind.

Lubok Verlag — Leipzig, DE

自 2007 年以来,Lubok Verlag 已与 140 余位艺术家合作出版“Lubok 系列”的版画书。每一本书的制作均采用了油毡版画的印刷技术,通过老式的版画印刷机印刷让艺术书籍本身成为艺术品。 同时,Lubok Verlag 利用凸版、凹版和铅版印刷技术制作艺术书刊,有时还是目录册的形式,希望帮助更多人了解视觉艺术。
Since 2007 Lubok Verlag publishes graphic books with original linocuts by contemporary artists: More than 140 artists have contributed to the "Lubok Series" so far. The books are printed directly from the linoleum plate on a historic cylinder press and aim to make graphic art available to a wide audience. The program includes artist books, zines and catalogues in relief, offset, cliché and screen print.

Lucky Risograph — New York, US

Lucky Risograph 是一家印刷出版社,由位于纽约中国城的 YUI Gallery 画廊主理人创办。Lucky Risograph 通过艺术家书、 印刷和社区活动与当地和其他国家的艺术家和设计师一同重识 RISO 印刷技术与欣赏它的印刷之美。
We are a Risograph printing press and gallery hybrid operating by YUI Gallery in Chinatown, New York. We work with local and international artists and designers to reinterpret risograph printing through art books, zines, prints, and community projects.

M97 — Shanghai, CN

M97 于 2006 年创立于上海,是一间专门支持摄影艺术的画廊。十余年来,M97 一直致力于提升人们对中国当代摄影艺术的理解与欣赏,并为中国当代摄影艺术的研究提供历史框架。
M97 was established in 2006 in Shanghai. In the over 10 years since its founding, M97 has been dedicated to promoting and developing the appreciation of photography as a modern and contemporary art form in China.

minpress — Seoul, KR

minpress 是一家专注于出版艺术书、zines、纸品类产品,尤其关注摄影类主题的小出版社。位于韩国首尔。
minpress is a publisher and production house for small editions of artist books, zines and other printed matters related to photography.

MITABI — Tokyo, JP

三鹰美术大学(MITABI),是在由定居于绿意盎然的東京都三鹰市的有志美大校友组成的创作集团。 以平面设计,插绘,漫画,工艺美术等各个成员所热爱的分野为中心, 定期制作独立书籍,并正在积极尝试参加以亚洲为中心的艺术书展。
Mitaka Art University (MITABI) is a group of creators based in Mitaka city, Tokyo. All members have graduated from Musashino Art University. Art books are based on graphic design, illustration, comics and craft.

moonyfarm — Shanghai, CN

成立于 2016 年的 moonyfarm 是一家专注于以融合插画和设计,提出新的设计呈现方式,热爱独立出版的工作室。在 2018 年 moonyfarm 更新工作室新的专注方向 'moonyfarm material',专注插画和设计在各种不同媒介上的呈现,提出 'good things, good days' 理念,未来将持续推出在新理念下创作的手工 zine、新的立体书和举办各类展览。
Started from 2016, moonyfarm is an illustration-based studio that applies new and inspiring ways to design. In 2018, we are trying to get focus on multiple materials to create art works in a new form.

Musashino Art University — Tokyo, JP

Musashino Art University Photography Department is presenting a collection of zines made by students.

Mushroom Studio — Shanghai, CN

AKI,设计师、插画师。成立个人工作室 Mushroom Studio,专注插画设计和纸张印刷的结合,热爱独立出版,自出版zine《绿の山》《AKISTORE》《Flower》。
Aki Jiang is an illustrator and graphic designer who set up her own designing studio named “Mushroom Studio”. Also an independent publisher active in Shanghai, she focuses on areas of illustration, publishing and printmaking. Most of her illustration seems to come alive when printed out. Aki pays attention to illustrations combined with different printing methods.

NANG Magazine — Venice, IT

NANG 是一个共 10 期的系列杂志,专注于亚洲的电影和电影文化。NANG 致力于将关于电影的佳文佳图纳入到这 10 期杂志中,带给读者知识、灵感与愉悦。在优秀团队的帮助下, NANG 将开阔了亚洲动态图像的定义,将故事、背景、对象和制作汇聚于电影并带给读者。
NANG is a 10-issue print-only magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world. The aim is to publish, issue-by-issue, a wonderfully rich and profound collection of words and images on cinema, for knowledge, inspiration, and enjoyment. Thanks to the collaboration of a unique group of guest editors and contributors, NANG broadens the horizons of what the moving image is in Asia, engaging its readers with a wide range of stories, contexts, subjects and works connected by the cinema.

Nieves — Zurich, CH

Nieves 是一家位于苏黎世的独立出版社,创立于 2001 年,出版艺术类书籍和 zines。由平面设计师 Benjamin Sommerhalder 创办。
Nieves is a Publishing House based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves publishes artists' books and zines.


以日本为据点的古书店 · 二手舍 (nitesha) 所策划、以「书」为主体的不定期展售会。每期围绕不同主题选书,是透过「观」、「知」、「触」、「购」,进而促成人与书更深层交集之书展企划。 二手舍作为一间专事艺术、摄影类型珍希古本介绍、贩售的「古书店」,除了旧书回收和贩售的基本业务之外,也希望积极向大众传递二手书的魅力和乐趣。
NITESHA is a Tokyo-based secondhand bookstore specializing in arts and photography books. A book gallery NITESHA BGTP is located in Taipei.

nos:books — Taipei, TW

nos:books is an independent publisher founded by artist Son Ni in 2008 in Taipei. Hong Kong artist Chihoi has been a partner at nos:books since 2014. We strive to realize artists' ideas and concepts in unique book forms. Our books are limited edition works by artists from Taiwan and abroad. We also run an online store and attend book fairs.

oaixiY — Shanghai, CN

插画师。2015 年毕业于广西艺术学院美术学院装帧插图专业,喜爱插画。
oaixiY is an illustrator who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Guangxi Arts Institute in 2015.

ODD ONE OUT — Hong Kong, HK

成立于香港,ODD ONE OUT 是一家独立插画画廊,专注于出版和发行限量艺术印刷物、推广作品原件。 ODD ONE OUT 希望通过将艺术家与印刷的紧密联系,使更多的人认识和欣赏独特的印刷技术,以及背后积极推动艺术出版领域的这群艺术家们。
ODD ONE OUT is an independent illustration gallery specializing in limited edition art prints, original works of art and art books by crafted by local and international talents. In addition to being a gallery, they have recently started publishing limited edition art books and printmaking. By bridging the gap between print and artists, ODD ONE OUT hope to increase the awareness and appreciation of printmaking as well as their roster of artists.

Off to ( _ ) Alone — Seoul, KR

来自首尔的纸品空间 Off to ( _ ) Alone,专注于本地的插画和设计类 zine,以及在这里可以找到来自世界各地的 zine、独立出版书和明信片。店铺设有一个 RISO 印刷室, 偶尔印刷出版自创的关于旅行的摄影 zine 和展览宣传单。
Off to ( _ ) Alone is a small printed matters only shop in Seoul, South Korea that sells local illustration and design zines along with some selected international zines, independent books, post cards, etc. We also run a small riso-printing business in the shop where we occasionally publish our own zines and/or flyers about travel and places we've been. We'd love to represent the Korean illustration community and exhibit some of their zines as well as our own material.

ONE HALF IN — Zhoushan, CN

一爿旧店由 Kafka 和 Josam 于 2015 年创立,是一个通过纸本读物和生活细节来分享艺术文化的小型生活场所。作为空间的主要组成部分 BOOK MART, 引进了国内外艺术出版机构和艺术家个人的众多作品;空间还包含一个小型的 PROJECTION ROOM,关注艺术影片与独立电影文化; 通过提供优秀的生活产品来构筑空间的生活场所属性,以此探索实现 BETTER LIVING 的更多可能。
ONE HALF IN, founded by Kafka and Josam since 2015, provides good indie press and life details to share art and culture. As the main part of space, BOOK MART provides limited indie publications from around the world including photography, independent magazines, artists books, and zines; It is also a small PROJECTION ROOM to focus on art film culture.; The space is just like a living house that sells lifestyle products to express a BETTER LIVING attitude toward life.

One Tree Person — Beijing, CN

One Tree Person is a platform for hand-made art books and self-publishing, founded by Jue Li who works and lives in Beijing, as an independent creator and book designer.

Papayep — Xiamen, CN

Papayep 独立漫画杂志是一本由两个人自主编绘的漫画 issue,按季度出刊,记录生活感受和人间以外的种种。作者正义和成桦是游走在中法之间的自由动画工作者, 某天慢跑结束后突发其想,决定在工作之余合作出这本杂志。杂志可以在线上进行阅读,实体书为独立出版物,每期限量五百本。
Papayep is a independent comic zine that comes out every season. It is made by two authors, Justice and Chenghua, who are animation freelancers living and working between China and France. They came out this idea about a comic zine by two once after running. Papayep can be read online, also have independent publish for 500 books every volume.

PAY2PLAY — Beijing, CN

PAY2PLAY 是孙晓曦与王琅共同创立的以平面设计为核心的小型工作室。致力于为客户提供个性化、创意性的设计服务。服务范围包括出版物设计、品牌形象、包装设计。 我们的作品曾获红点传达设计大奖 best of the best,TOKYO TDC 提名奖、纽约 TDC 优异奖、中国最美的书等。
PAY2PLAY is a small graphic design studio based in Beijing, China, founded by Xiaoxi Sun & Lang Wang in 2017. Our works range from publication design, communication design, packaging and visual identity. We've won numerous design awards, including Red Dot Award Best of the Best, Tokyo TDC, NY TDC and The most beautiful books in China etc.

popurri — Seoul, KR

由插画家 Sein Hong 成立的 Riso 和插画工作室 popurri,位于首尔,在与其他艺术家联手制作 Riso 印刷和相关出版物的发型的同时,也创作自己的插画类印刷物。
popurri is a risograph and illustration studio in Seoul run by Sein Hong. We work with other creators to print risograph and also make our own illustration-based works.

Power Station of Art — Shanghai, CN

上海当代艺术博物馆成立于 2012 年 10月 1日,是中国大陆第一家公立当代艺术博物馆,也是上海双年展主场馆。作为新城市文化的“生产车间”, 不断自我更新,不断让自身处于进行时是这所博物馆的生命之源。上海当代艺术博物馆正努力为公众提供一个开放的当代文化艺术展示与学习平台;消除艺术与生活的藩篱; 促进不同文化艺术门类之间的合作和知识生产。
The Power Station of Art (PSA) is the first state-run museum dedicated to contemporary art in mainland China. It is also home to the Shanghai Biennale. The museum has been striving to provide an open platform for the public to learn and appreciate contemporary art, break the barrier between life and art, and promote cooperation and knowledge generation between different schools of art and culture.

Print Studio Ink’chacha — Hong Kong, HK

Print Studio Ink’chacha, 來自香港的 Risograph 印刷實驗室。依循小量而細膩的原則,鼓勵每人都可參與自己的印刷品製作,透過紙和墨的質感、味道、重量,感受真實的印刷魅力。
Print Studio Ink’chacha is a printer & publisher providing alternative printing methods and professional print-on-demand solutions.


QUIERAKI 是一个位于首尔的美术系大学生发起的概念行写作组织,专注于科幻写作和图像,其中最热衷于虚构(小说)和非虚构(游记、情书)的跨界文学。
Based in Seoul, Quieraki is a project team consisting of undergraduate students majoring in Fine Arts and SF literature writing and visualizing. We are especially interested in the crossover of literature between fiction and non-fiction.

S.Y Lim/062 — Chicago, US

曾作为韩国流行歌手出道的 S.Y Lim (1993 年生) 同时也是一个艺术家,策展人。2017 年毕业于芝加哥艺术大学,在芝加哥经营一家名为 062 Gallery 的画廊, 策划了包括 SAIC Advanced Artist book class 等活动和 North Branch Project 等众多展览项目。
Once a K-pop singer, S.Y Lim (b.1993) is an artist, curator, and the founder of 062 Gallery. She is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her BFA in 2017. She runs a gallery named 062 in Chicago and has been presenting numerous artists, including SAIC Advanced Artist book class and North Branch Project. She participated in the CABF and the Pitch Project Artist Book Fair.

salt — Xiamen, CN

从 2015 年开始关注中国传统民艺,和用手劳动的人,希望通过书写,记录中国当代这样一群人的故事:他们笃信诚实的手工,重视传统,又不因循守旧, 在这个消费过剩的时代,努力创造对自然、对社会有用的价值。Salt 作为一个记录者,陪伴他们走一段路,忠实地记录他们与这个世界的相处之道。
salt has been dedicated to exploring the stories about the traditional Chinese folk art since 2015. It strives to record contemporary China through handwork that amplifies the importance of tradition. As a recorder, salt accompanies them on a journey that faithfully records how they deal with the world.

Sesame Drawing Club — London, UK / Shanghai, CN

Sesame Drawing Club 是由 6 位来自不同国家的女性艺术家和插画师组成的艺术团体, 6 个来自不同国家的女性通过插画的故事叙述来表达各自不同的喜好、经历和身份认同。插画师们定期制定主题进行创作,然后制作成独立出版物和进行展览。
Sesame Drawing Club is a collective of visual artists based in London, created out of a need to combine our many interests with strong, fun and peculiar storytelling. Sesame is made up of a diverse set of women illustrators from different parts of the world trying to nurture a space that echoes and celebrates that diversity.

Same Paper — Shanghai, CN

Same Paper 是在上海的自出版工作室,创办于 2013 年,至今共为多位摄影师出版了共 10 本书。除此之外,还不定期开展和摄影、自出版相关的活动及展览。 Same Paper 同时也是 UNFOLD 上海艺术书展组委会成员。
Same Paper is a Shanghai-based self-publishing studio, founded in 2013. Since then, the studio has published 10 photo books with several photographers and organized events & exhibitions revolved on photography and self publishing from time to time. Same Paper is also the committee member of UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair.

shashasha — Tokyo, JP

线上摄影项目 shashasha 创立于 2012 年,致力于将日本乃至亚洲的摄影带给世界各地的读者。shashasha 的形式始于 iPad APP 的网络文献库,后拓展至线上书店, 目标是为独立出版社、个人出版社、个人艺术家提供发行和展示的平台,并积极促进日本和其他亚洲国家在摄影和摄影书方面的交流。
shashasha, established in 2012, is an online photo book collection aimed at making Japanese and Asian photography more accessible to a worldwide audience. Created first as an online archive available through the iPad application, shashasha developed to include an online web store with the aim of providing a platform for both independent and established publishers and artists to expand their audience. The core aim of shashasha is to provide a platform to allow and encourage an engagement with Japanese and other Asian photography.


SHEN SHEN BOOKs 是一家艺术书店, 同时也是一家独立出版社。主要引进海外限量独立出版品, 出版社出版品, 内容包括艺术相关书籍、zine、杂志和平面印刷品。
SHEN SHEN BOOKs is an art bookshop and an independent publishing label based in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on limited edition art books, zines, magazines and prints.


意大利独立出版社 SKINNERBOOX, 专注于当代摄影。
SKINNERBOOX is an independent publishing house in Italy that focuses on contemporary photography.

soft d press — Hong Kong, CN

soft d press is a handmade publication from Hong Kong, relaxedly, slowly, and softly spreading the joy for reading and collection.

Something Pleasant Studio — Seoul, KR

Cindy Kim 毕业于纽约视觉艺术学院 (SVA),她在首尔创办了一家丝网印刷工作室:Something Pleasant Studio,制作纸质和布质的手工印刷插画作品, 并时常开设丝网印刷体验课,志在分享丝网印刷的乐趣。
Something Pleasant Studio is a silkscreen studio based in Seoul Korea run by Cindy Kim who graduated from School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. She makes and sells illustrative hand printed products of paper and fabric and strives to help people understand the fun in screen printing through regular classes.

Special Comix — Nanjing, CN

特别漫画 (SC), 华人地区最具影响力的独立漫画项目,《SC3》曾获法国安古兰漫画节“另类漫画奖”。目前 SC已出版六期,最新一期即将出版。
Special Comix is one of the most important and earliest publication of Chinese independent comics. SC3 was awarded as "Special Comics" by Angoulême International Comics Festival. So far, Special Comix has published 6 issues, with the seventh issue due to come out soon.

STAIRS PRESS — Tokyo, JP / Beijing, CN

书卷无边,知识无界,STAIRS PRESS 的成立处于对书和摄影的无限热爱,相信在自己的努力下,能够将摄影和书籍文化的美好传播得更广。
Books are endless, knowledge has no limitation. We love books and we love photography. Therefore we established Stairs Press, hoping that the beauty of both books and photography can be delivered. We also hope that Stairs Press can keep making little contributions to the lasting book stairs.

Stella Z.Y — Shanghai, CN

Stella.ZY 设计师,插画师,现居上海。热爱探索图形和色彩世界的无限可能,将日常生活中的灵感转化为 ZINE 的艺术创作。
Stella.ZY is a designer and illustrator based in Shanghai. She explores the world of shape and color. Inspired by daily life, she passionately tells stories through zines.

Sue Jean Ko — Seoul, KR

韩国艺术家 Sue Jean Ko,自 2011 年起学习和生活于纽约,在视觉艺术学院学习版画,热衷于丝网印刷与插画。
Originally from South Korea, Sue Jean Ko had already earned a BFA in Digital Design and has worked at an infant apparel company as a textile designer when she enrolled into the illustration program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She lived and worked in New York since the summer of 2011 and has recently returned to South Korea, where she continues her illustration career.


东京独立出版社 SUPER LABO,由艺术家 Yasunori Hoki 于 2009 年创立,专注于当代摄影出版。
Founded in 2009 by Yasunori Hoki, SUPER LABO is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary photograph.

T&M Projects — Tokyo, JP

来自东京的出版社 T&M Projects,成立于 2014 年,致力于向读者介绍当下有影响力的艺术家和他们跨越时代、框架、政治和文化角度的艺术作品。
T&M Projects is a publishing house based in Tokyo, Japan. Established in 2014, we aim to introduce our audience to works transcending generations, disciplines, and political and cultural perspectives, by the most illustrious and frees local and international artists today.

Taipei Art Book Fair — Taipei, TW

台北艺术书展:如果可以草莽率性,谁想要一本正经. 草率季 Taipei Art Book Fair & More, 以民间既有之说法,是为草字头、空场发起的大型艺术书刊市集, 挂在 Art Book Fair 后的「& More」, 补述了草率季想得比 Art Book Fair 还要多,是年年有余,也是没事找事做。
Annually calling all art book publishers, art bookstores, indie magazines, galleries, and art groups of all kinds, the Taipei Art Book Fair is a fun, rich, quirky art book fair curated by Double Glass Taipei.

Tara Books — Chennai, IN

Tara Books位于印度金奈,是由作家、设计师和编辑组成的出版团队,为各年龄出版图书,热衷于印刷印度传统民间和部落艺术作品以及手工装订书籍。
Tara Books is a collective of writers, designers, and bookmakers, based in Chennai, south India. We publish illustrated books for children and adults. We're particularly known for our pioneering work with the incredibly rich traditions of Indian folk and tribal art, as well as our range of books made completely by hand, from the paper to the printing and binding.

theTT — Tokyo, JP / Hangzhou,CN

theTT 是由两位摄影师创办的摄影出版项目:董佳斌,毕业于武藏野美术大学映像科写真系。 目前以杭州为据点进行摄影创作。 陈伊宁,以东京为据点进行摄影创作。 此次为上海艺术书展准备的两个系列摄影书都与 déjà-vu 和记忆有关,分别拍摄于日本,泰国,等地。
theTT is composed of two photographers Dong Jiabin and Chen Yining. Dong Jiabin graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts and Science at Musashino Art University as a Photography major, and is currently based in Hangzhou. Chen Yining is currently based in Tokyo. Together, theTT will present two series of works about déjà vu and memory.


不含周四 THURSDAY-FREE, 是由生活工作于上海的艺术家邵维和平面设计师陈开心在2018年创立的一家独立出版社
THURSDAY-FREE is a Shanghai-based independent publisher for projects and art books, founded by artist Wei Shao and graphic designer Kaixin Chen in 2018.

Tokyo Art Book Fair — Tokyo, JP

东京艺术书展最初成立于 2009 年,是日本最早关注和艺术相关的出版物的书展,开启了一个新的独立出版和自出版平台。过去的九年, 东京艺术书展逐渐发展成为日本及世界范围内的都非常重要的平台,每年一届的书展成为创作者、出版人在艺术书籍, zines 等多类型出版物上的创新和持续的融汇点,是世界上最大的艺术书展之一。
The TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, originally established in 2009, came into being as the first book fair event focused around art-related publications in Japan. Over the last nine fairs, we have seen the TABF gain further prominence as a platform: serving as a point of convergence for creators and publishers of innovative art books, catalogues, artists’ books, and zines. It is one of the largest art book fairs in the world.

UNITU — Shanghai, CN

每个人都是一个 UNIT,一个独立单元,多元化思维汇集,叠加迸发新的能量。UNITU 是有多名创意者集合的组织,立足于上海。

Urban Spectrum — Shenzhen, CN

半調人間是由创作人林明楽 (Moeder Lin) 主理的微信公众号。所发布内容与专题,均围绕其收藏的 zine 或独立出版物,对创作该作品的作者进行一定篇幅的介绍与作品解读; 同时译制相关的艺术人文资讯,目前不定期更新中。Moeder 本身也是一位插画家,热爱独立出版,并时常制作自己的 Zine 出版物。
Urban Spectrum is the public Wechat account for the curator Moeder Lin's collection of zines and artist books. Through editing, translating, and commenting, he tries to capture and present how creators find their balance between the world they create and the world they live in. Also an illustrator and designer himself, Moeder Lin is actively involved in publishing and branding.

We make it — Berlin, DE

We make it 是一家位于柏林的 Risograph 印刷及设计工作室,由设计师 Franziska Brandt 和 Moritz Grünke 成立,提供给当地艺术艺术家设计师, 出版物爱好者一个能制作出精良又手工感强的印刷平台。两人早在 2007 年即成立的出版品牌 Gloria Glitzer,也策划一下和出版物相关的展览。 We make it 为第一届上海艺术书展策划了亚洲 Risograph 研讨会的 Colors Unite 世界各地 RISO 色卡展。
We make it is a risograph printing and design studio and a library and exhibition space based in Berlin dedicated to artists, designers and people who love excellent and handcrafted printed matter. We make it is a project by Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke who also founded Gloria Glitzer, a small press for artists books, in 2007. Since then they published lots of art zines, attends at many art(ists’) book fairs all over Europe and curated several exhibitions on self-publishing artists.

Wait and Roll — Shanghai, CN

滚动版画工作室 Wait and Roll 是一家专业版画工作室,更是一个版画创作实验室。主要从事有趣的版画教学、版画产品的研发和发行、版画印制服务、艺术创作开放空间、艺术家驻地等。
Wait and Roll is a printmaking studio and visual lab based in Shanghai. Services of Wait and Roll include printmaking workshops, printmaking publication, print service, open space and artist residency.

Wild Press — Guangzhou, CN

荒野独立出版社由设计师陈泽强和创意人 Shiva 共同创办,希望在当下这个数位化时代回归传统纸本媒介,以此开拓一个自由而开放的表达平台, 让不同的人、不同的观点都能在此得到聆听与关注,聚焦于呈现多元而丰富的艺文趣向和思辨生活,同时致力了发掘书籍装帧设计的可能性。
Wild Press is an independent publishing studio founded by two paper publishing fanciers. Chen Zeqiang is a graphic designer and Shiva is a cultural creative. They hope to present a diversity of life and inclination, and try to explore the possibility of books design.

Zen Foto Gallery — Tokyo, JP

东京摄影画廊及出版社 Zen Foto Gallery 由 Mark Pearson 创办于 2009 年九月,致力于以限量摄影书的出版行为,来记录画廊策划过的有趣、实验性的展览。
Zen Foto Gallery was established in September 2009 in Tokyo by Mark Pearson. Specializing in Asian photography, it aims to show interesting, experimental exhibitions and publish limited edition photography books to accompany most of the exhibitions in order to introduce stimulating works that would otherwise rarely be seen. Overall it hopes to provide an international platform for greater appreciation of contemporary and historical works of Asian photography.

Zhi Geng Tang — Guangzhou, CN

Mr. Yin Xiaohan founded the Paper Farm in 2013. It is a small publishing organization dedicated to publishing original Chinese comics. We hope to work together with comics author to make beautiful comic books.

ZINECOOP — Hong Kong, HK

ZINECOOP 是一群由香港艺术家与设计师所组成。本着在独立出版的平台上互相激励创作、组织工作坊及参与各地书展以持续学习和创造更广泛交流为目标而共同成立的群体。成员可持续加入。
ZINECOOP is a continuously growing collective of Hong Kong artists and designers. We encourage enthusiasts of independent publishing to create works, share and exchange ideas, organize workshops and participate book fairs around the world so that we all grow and learn together.

Zini Books — Morelia, MX

位于墨西哥的独立出版品牌 Zini Books,热衷于出版自己和朋友们的作品。这个充满创新、热情的出版品牌是由几位好朋友一起成立的,并希望通过出版找到志趣相投的伙伴。
Zini books is an independent publishing space in Mexico where we enjoy drawing and publishing our on own material and our friends material. This creative collective is made by friends that are looking to make new friends.

June 12



June 11


UNFOLD上海艺术书展三日讲座活动时间表公布。除开幕两场需容纳较多人安排在书展第二分会场Undefine M50空间外,其余所有的TALK分享会和FILM SCREENING放映会都将在O ART CENTER零时艺术中心书展主会场的EVENT ROOM举办,现场将有明显标示提示大家。25场由上海艺术书展组委会策划、邀请、各参展单位自主申请的活动都将免费对读者开放,席位有限。只需提前通过上海艺术书展网站预约即可,如席位未满,现场也可在每一个活动开场前15分钟自由入场,书展将有工作人员在现场为您做引导。

June 01


今天我们正式公布了第一届上海艺术书展所有入选参展名单。共有93家参展单位确认,组成第一届上海艺术书展精选且完整的,涵盖了从小型艺术出版社、艺术图书发行商、独立杂志、Zine Maker到平面设计师等多类型的书展参展商Exhibitors.

对一个观念的表达、项目的记录、一个展览的总结,以书作为Final Point越来越成为了一部分人喜欢的方式。加上制作成本、装帧印量的可控性,宣传平台的便捷,自出版人既是创作者,又是编辑和设计师,又是推广和销售的多重身份让这个世界变得更加有趣。作为读者一方,书的亲切感是一方面,翻阅到新鲜、好看、奇怪、无厘头的内容,一眼爱上的瞬间,这种怦然心动的热爱一直是我们寻找的方向。作为连接两种热爱情感的一年又一年的艺术书展,在推广和收藏之间,在不断探求书之美,书的社会性之间有了一个可追溯的空间与历史,分别体现在书展现场、书展网站、书展目录册中。这也将是上海艺术书展主力设计和记录的三个方面。

May 21


自2018年3月27日正式启动OPEN CALL不到两个月的时间里,上海艺术书展收到来自世界各地十多个国家、二十多个城市,总计122份申请表。远至苏黎世、柏林、纽约、伦敦,近至东京、首尔、香港和台北。截止到5月20日,UNFOLD上海艺术书展公开招募参展单位报名通道现已关闭。感谢所有人的申请。由于发布时间比较晚,作为一个新创办的艺术书展品牌,UNFOLD上海艺术书展的新生和成长得到了世界范围内各方的关注和帮助,特别感谢:东京艺术书展、首尔艺术书展、台北艺术书展、Nieves Books、Charles Nypels Lab、nos:books.

May 04


特别企划:占领 #SHABF 摊位计划!

年轻的自出版爱好者们,是时候把你自己的作品制作成一本出版物了! 在今年首届上海艺术书展,我们专门腾出了一个免费摊位,作为整个书展的“自由贸易区”;你可以自由的布置摊位,并至现场展示和签售你的书。无论是你未曾实施的想法还是你已经悄悄印制的独立出版物,把它制作出来寄给我们,都有机会占领书展的免费摊位!


Mar 27

DEADLINE: MAY 20, 2018



6月22日 周五
16:00 - 17:00
Undefine M50
书展开幕演讲 I:从ZOO,到ZINE,到Nieves今天,嘉宾:本杰明·祖马哈德,Nieves创始人 Opening Talk I: From ZOO, to ZINE, to Nieves Today,Benjamin Sommerhalder, Founder of Nieves Books.
17:30 - 18:30
Undefine M50
书展开幕演讲 II:迈向十周年的东京艺术书展,嘉宾:中岛佑介 & 東直子,东京艺术书展艺术总监和策展人 Opening Talk II: Towards 10th Edition of Tokyo Art Book Fair,Yusuke & Naoko Higashi, art director and curator of Tokyo Art Book Fair
18:00 - 18:30
分享主题:以书对话,两位艺术家的家庭作业,嘉宾:王烁 & 能尖日 Turn a Dialogue into a Book,Homework Between an Atists-Duo, anumsan & Nhozagri, artists, publishers of aquamanile book.
18:30 - 19:30 放映会:Steidl如何做一本书,DECK 摄影艺术中心呈现 Film Screening: How to Make a Book with Steidl, Deck Art Photography Center
19:30 - 20:00 放映会:Books to Sing About Arun Wolf presented by Tara Books
6月23日 周六
11:00 - 11:30 分享主题:自定义页面,嘉宾:孙晓曦,PAY2PLAY设计工作室创始人,中国最美图书获奖设计师 Custom page, Xiaoxi Sun, book designer
12:00 - 12:30 分享主题:当美术馆不在出版“画册”的时候,她在“出版”什么?嘉宾:陈悦&韩璐,上海当代艺术博物馆策展部编辑和展务 When an Art Museum is Not Publishing the Exhibition Catalogue, What is She “Publishing”? Chenyue&Hanlu: book editor&Curator of Power Station of Art
13:00 - 14:00 分享主题:亚洲艺术书图书馆,嘉宾:Jeong Eun Kim,首尔IANN杂志主编 The Reference #1: Asia Art Book Library,Jeong Eun Kim,Chief editor of IANN
14:30 - 15:00 分享主题:我的世界各地艺术书展参展经历,嘉宾:Miyuki Kawabe,东京commune书店、commune Press创办人 How to get involved scenes of art book fairs in the world,Miyuki Kawabe,Director of commune
15:30 - 16:00 分享主题:在路上:从《归程》到《无界》嘉宾:摄影师王轶庶 & 假杂志图书馆
16:30 - 17:00 分享主题:摄影书需要设计吗?嘉宾:江南大学设计学院的平面设计系王俊&日本摄影书资深收藏者李弋迪,无像工作室策划 Do Photobook Need to Be Designed? Wang Jun&Li Yida, Imageless Studio
17:30 - 18:00 分享主题:台北艺术书展草率季的起源、组成元素和成果,嘉宾:黄伟伦 The Initiative, The Elements and The Outcome,Frank Huang, Founder of Taipei Art Book Fair
18:30 - 19:00 分享主题:友谊与ZINE:墨西哥独立出版概况,嘉宾:Jesh Martin, Zini Books创始人 AMIGOS AND ZINES: ways of printing, distributing and creating fanzines in Mexico's zine scene, Jesh Martin,founder of Zini Books
19:30 - 20:00 分享主题:一个意大利人的摄影书出版经历,嘉宾:Federico Carpani, SKINNERBOOX主设计师 An Italian‘s Photobooks Publishing Experience, Federico Carpani,book desinger of SKINNERBOOX
20:00 - 21:00 分享主题:纸上电影:NANG Magazine的出版理念,嘉宾:Davide Cazzaro, NANG Magazine出版人及主编 Paper Cinema and Cinema on Paper: The Making of NANG Magazine, Davide Cazzaro,founder and Chief Editor of NANG Magazine
6月24日 周日
11:00 - 11:30 分享主题:EAT Tomorrow,嘉宾:S.Y.Lim, 艺术家、062画廊创办人 ETA Tomorrow, S.Y.Lim,artist and founder of 062 Gallery
12:00 - 12:30 分享主题:潜移默化的艺术创作,嘉宾:Christopher & Qian Branson, 艺术家 Potential Spectrums, Christopher & Qian Branson,artists
13:00 - 13:30 分享主题:失败感和道教,平面设计师杨灿的设计实践,嘉宾:杨灿,罗德岛设计学院2018毕业生 Failure, Taoism + “Internal Alchemy” in Can Yang’s Idiosyncratic Designs,Can Yang, graphic designer
14:00 - 14:30 分享主题:纸上空间:手工书和立体书的设计,演讲人:Carmon和翘,Moonyfarm创办人及设计师 Design Thinking of Paper Interaction, Carmon and Qiao, founder of Moonyfarm
15:00 - 15:30 分享主题:我的独立出版—印刷中的插画,嘉宾:AKI,插画师、平面设计师、Mushroom Studio创办人 From Graphical Illustration to Print Runs, AKI Jiang, illustrator, graphic designer and founder of Mushroom Studio
16:00 - 16:30 分享主题:从独立创作到集体力量-香港本地小志群体之体验,嘉宾:曾慧怡和刘志威,ZINECOOP From Individual to Collaborating power-A LOCAL ZINE COLLECTIVE JOURNEY IN HONG KONG,Zeng Huiyi&Liu Zhiwei, Founders of ZINECOOP
17:00 - 17:30 分享主题:让你快乐,嘉宾:Charlene Man,艺术家和插画师。To Make You Happy,Charlene Man,artist and illustrator.
18:00 - 18:30 分享主题:纪实摄影中的社会介入法,嘉宾:徐明,适马中国签约讲师,首位中国籍伊尔富大师,Datacolor色彩管理专家
19:00 - 19:30 分享主题: 我为什么做摄影书,嘉宾:郭盈光&戴显婧,摄影师,自出版人。Why I Do Photobooks,Guo Guangying & Dai Xianjing
20:00 - 20:30 分享主题:纽约视觉艺术学院的版画印刷,嘉宾:Shelia Liu, 插画家 Printmaking in SVA, Shelia Liu, illustrator

OPENING TALK I:「From ZOO, to ZINE, to Nieves today」Benjamin Sommerhalder

06.22  16:00 – 17:00

OPENING TALK II: 「Towards 10th Edition of Tokyo Art Book Fair」Yusuke Nakajima & Naoko Higashi

06.22  17:30 – 18:30

TALK:「Turn a Dialogue into a Book,Homework Between an Atists-Duo」anusman & Nhozagri

06.22  18:00 – 18:30

FILM SCREENING:「How to Make A Book with Steidl」Film by Joerg Adolph & Gereon Wetzel, Presented by DECK for Shanghai Art Book Fair

06.22  18:30 – 19:30

FILM SCREENING: "Books to Sing About" Film Screenings by Arun Wolf for Tara Books, India.

06.22  19:30 – 20:00


06.23  11:00 – 11:30

TALK: 「When an Art Museum is Not Publishing the Exhibition Catalogue, What is She “Publishing”?」 Power Station of Art

06.23  12:00 – 12:30

TALK: 「The Reference #1: Asia Art book Library」Jeong Eun Kim

06.23  13:00 – 14:00

TALK: 「How to Get Involved Scenes of Art Book Fairs in the World」Miyuki Kawabe of commune

06.23  14:30 – 15:00

TALK: 「在路上:从《归程》到《无界》」摄影师王轶庶&假杂志图书馆

06.23  15:30 – 16:00

TALK: 「Do Photobook Need to Be Designed?」Wang Jun&Li Yida, Imageless Stuido

06.23  16:30 – 17:00

TALK: 「The Initiative, The Elements and The Outcome」Frank Huang

06.23  17:30 – 18:00

TALK: 「AMIGOS AND ZINES: Ways of Printing, Distributing and Creating Fanzines in Mexico's Zine Scene」Jesh Martin of Zini Books

06.23  18:30 – 19:00

TALK: 「An Italian Photobooks Publishing Experience」 Federico Carpani of SKINNERBOOX

06.23  19:30 – 20:00

TALK: 「Paper Cinema and Cinema on Paper: The Making of NANG Magazine」Davide Cazzaro

06.23  20:00 – 21:00

TALK: 「ETA TOMORROW」S.Y.Lim/062 Gallery

06.24  11:00 – 11:30

TALK: 「Potential Spectrums」Christopher and Qian Branson

06.24  12:00 – 12:30

TALK: 「Failure, Taoism + “Internal Alchemy” in Can Yang’s Idiosyncratic Designs」Can Yang

06.24  13:00 – 13:30

TALK: 「Design Thinking of Paper Interaction」moonyfarm

06.24  14:00 – 14:30

TALK: 「From Graphical Illustration to Print Runs」AKI Jiang

06.24  15:00 – 15:30


06.24  16:00 – 16:30

TALK: 「To Make You Happy」Charlene Man

06.24  17:00 – 17:30

TALK: 「The Voices-Methods of social intervention in documentary photography」Xu Ming

06.24  18:00 – 18:30

TALK: 「WHY I DO PHOTOBOOK?」GUO Guangying & Amos Dai

06.24  19:00 – 19:30

TALK: 「Printmaking in SVA」纽约视觉艺术学院的版画印刷 by Shelia Liu

06.24  20:00 – 20:30

  • TALK
06.22 - 06.24
11:00 - 15:00
Undefine M50
上海街头摄影创作+和SPBH一起做一本摄影ZINE,导师:Jamie Allan Shaw&David Brandon Geeting. Shanghai Neighborhood Stroll: Photo Zine Making Workshop, Director: Jamie Allan Shaw&David Brandon Geeting
15:00 - 16:00
Undefine M50
时间宝宝-关于时间的艺术家书的一次体验,指导老师:能尖日/艺术家, aquamanile book 出版人。Time baby-A Journey About Making an Artist Book,Drector: Nhozagri.
16:30 - 18:00
Undefine M50
折叠,与双人舞-手工书入门工作坊,指导老师:胡沁迪/夢廠DREAMER FTY联合创办人
15:30 - 17:30
Undefine M50
版画肌理实验工作坊,指导老师:大木耳/滚动版画Wait and Roll主理人

WORKSHOP: 「Shanghai Neighborhood Stroll, Photo Zine Making Workshop」 by Jamie Allan Shaw&David Brandon Geeting

06.23 - 06.24  11:00 – 15:00

WORKSHOP: 时间宝宝-关于时间的艺术家书的一次体验/能尖日,艺术家, aquamanile book 出版人

06.23  15:00 – 16:00

WORKSHOP: 折叠,与双人舞-手工书入门工作坊/胡沁迪,版画艺术家,夢廠DREAMER FTY联合发起人

06.23  16:30 – 18:00

WORKSHOP: 版画肌理实验工作坊/大木耳,版画艺术家,Wait and Roll主理人

06.24  15:30 – 17:30

  • TALK
6/22 周五
16:00 - 17:00 Yumen Conquer
published by d3i press (B10)
17:00 - 17:30 Ewelina Skowronska
published by ODD ONE OUT (A12)
18:00 - 18:30 Midnight Tweedle by Zhang Lijie
published by DECK Art Photograph Center (B2)
6/23 周六
13:30 - 14:00 Promise of Blooming by Eden Barrena
published by Bananafish Books (A21)
14:00 - 15:00 Where are you trying to get to? Vol.2, The Death, The Fake Park, The Dogs all by Wei Shao
published by THURSDAY-FREE (F24)
15:00 - 15:30 下河2 by 214
published by Imageless (A16)
15:30 - 16:00 Chinese Zine Box by various artists
published by Nieves & Bananafish (A4&A21)
17:00 - 17:30 Dear My Earth by Min Kim
published by minpress (B11)
published by GENERATIVE ART STUDIO (F25)
18:30 - 19:00 Papayep Issue 4 by Shanghai&Chenghua
published by Papayep (F28)
6/24 周日
13:30 - 14:30 Keys' Metropolis by Tomoyuki Koseko and Shanghai Picture Diary by Tsumugi Uyama
published by MITABI (F21)
14:30 - 15:00 Seri, Driller and Gone Girl, Three Weeks in Iceland by Jude Woo /Quieraki
published by Quieraki (F3)

Mister Lonely
Harmony Korine
144 Pages
11.2 x 17.8 cm
b/w Offset
ISBN 978-3-905714-42-5
Azumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo Press Azumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo Press Azumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo PressAzumi Kawasaki / Duplo Press

  • TALK
  • Booth F10 Your First Book
6/22 周五
15:00 - 18:00 《极简身体》by 曾瑞虎; Minimal Body by Tobby
18:00 - 20:00 Little Sound by 郑亦然 Jasphy Zheng
6/23 周六
11:00 - 14:00 《7.5ml 贝属蓝》by 炸兦; 7.5ml Baystate Blue by m1wh-m
14:00 - 17:00 《如何把紅色穿得好看》by 萧宇呈+ 《走马看花》by 蔡贤臻; How to dress well in red? by yuchenghsiao + The Red Book Series by Paixpro
17:00 - 20:00 PARALLEL by 周瓜瓜;PARALLEL by Mellon Zhou
6/24 周日
11:00 - 14:00 《我有在看》by 龚壹零&贺弋桉; I am Looking by Gong Yiling&He Yian
14:00 - 17:00 《消废指南》by 李慧慧;Consumer Guide by Li Huihui
17:00 - 20:00 《边飞边入睡的鸟》by 孙萌; Birds That Can Sleep While Flying by Meng SUN

Your First Book Awards: Tobby, yuchenghsiao, Mellon Zhou, Li Huihui, m1wh-m, Meng SUN, Paixpro, Gong Yiling&He Yian, Jasphy Zheng

06.22 - 24   15:00 – 21:00 3 hours for each person

The Reference #1: Asia Art Book Library
curated by unit circle, cooperated with IANN, TABF, SHABF, NMG

The Reference #1: 亚洲艺术书图书馆
2018.06.16 - 06.30, 10:30 - 19:30
NEXT MIXING 那行零度空间 上海艺术书展第三分会场

亚洲艺术书图书馆之上海那行零度空间展,200多本来自亚洲的艺术书籍和小册子,借此希望带给上海的读者一个多样、充实的亚洲区艺术出版精选图书阅读体验,那行零度空间自2018年6月16日-6月30日,将整个展览空间布置成图书馆的模样,透过舒适的阅读空间、便于查找和检索的目录信息引导,初夏季节提供给读者一个安静、独一无二的图书馆翻阅体验,部分书籍也可在现场购买收藏。亚洲艺术书图书馆由首尔 unit cirle 和东京艺术书展共同策划,于2018年3月16日-4月24日在韩国知名摄影杂志 IANN 的新空间,作为其开幕展启动。The Reference #1 亚洲艺术书图书馆的前身来源于2017年东京艺术书展期间,亚洲作为这一年的 TABF 的主宾国身份出现,东京艺术书展组委会邀请亚洲艺术出版领域的五位选书人按照主题进行选书策划,是2017东京艺术书展主要展览内容。

言由(假杂志/宁波),苏菲(香蕉鱼/上海) 为上海展补充国内艺术书籍
Shauba Chang (dmp Edition/台北)
Song Nian Ang (/新加坡)
unit circle (东京/首尔)

展览时间:2018年6月16日 - 6月30日 10:30-19:30
线上早鸟票价:45元 / 现场票价:55元

关于unit circle:以编辑的角度,以亚洲为原点的非盈利艺术文化组织,成立于2017年。希望打破语言的障碍,以亚洲地区的艺术和文化作为信息交流目的,营造一个良好的沟通网络,在合作互换、文化研究和出版领域进行有效的对话。www.the-ref.kr

The Reference #1: Asia Art Book Library (Shanghai), brings together around 200 books from Asia. Through the exhibition space with an accessibility similar to that of a reading room of a library, the visitors can encounter, as well as purchase the books of a diverse nature and contents by way of books and index cards organized into countries of their origin. The exhibition was firstly hosted at IANN's new space from March 16 to April 24 in Seoul as its debut exhibiton. Organized by an editorship network in Asia, unit circle in Seoul, made with the cooperation of the Tokyo Art Book Fair. The whole exhibition was originally based on the special exhibition, “Guest Country” held at the TABF 2017. After Seoul. The Reference #1: Asia Art Book Library is invited by Shanghai Art Book Fair to curate its second stop in Shanghai, NEXT MIXING space from June 16 - June 30, as an extended project of Shanghai Art Book Fair.

Yanyou Yuan Di (Ningbo), Qing Zhou (Shanghai) for Shanghai part
Shauba Chang (Taipei)
Song Nian Ang (Singapore)
unit circle (Tokyo/Seoul)

About Seoul Curator: unit circle, a non-profit art group based on the editorship of Asia. The group got together in 2017 with an aim to interchange information on art and to create a networking community among countries centering Asia. It aspires to overcome a language barrier relatively higher than that among Western countries via creating a media sharing platform oriented to collaborated production, research, and publishing within Asia. www.the-ref.kr
About Shanghai Curator: NEXTMIXING,with a complex of distinctive spaces, NEXTMIXING is a newly founded place in the heart of Shanghai. The mission of NEXTMIXING is to present, plan and curate various kinds of cultural activities of extraordinary quality, in order to stimulate enjoyment, excite the imagination and nurture creativity. Address: Room 101#5, Yu Yuan Li, No.161, Lane 465, Zhenning Rd. Shanghai.

Morning Reading Ghost
curated by Nieves Books, Benjamin Sommerhalder

Morning Reading Ghost
2018.06.23 - 06.24 9:00 - 10:00
Undefine M50上海艺术书展 第二分会场

苏黎世独立出版社Nieves Books十七年来和世界上众多知名艺术家合作出版BOOK and ZINES,出版人Benjamin特别为上海艺术书展精选28本绝版并具有收藏价值的艺术书籍,以早读课导读的形式让读者们进行翻阅和与他面对面交流!这里面包含了Takashi Homma的Tokyo and my Daughter,Geoff McFetridge的The Void,Stefan Marx的Solomon Islands & Vanuatu,Kim Gordon的Chronicles Vol.1等珍贵好书。欢迎大家报名参加他的早读课!完整书单:

Takashi Homma: Tokyo and my Daughter, 2006
Kim Gordon: Chronicles Vol.1, 2005
Geoff McFetridge:Bend The Void, 2007
Spike Jonze: Sonny, 2009
anusman: Kingdom of Rice, 2017
Larry Clark: Untitled 1, 2006
Edouard Baribeaud: Au Pavillon des Lauriers, 2013
Clare Rojas: The Inexhaustible Middle, 2016
Allison Schulnik: Eager Too, 2013
C.F.: Airport, 2015
Danielle Ye: Box of Regret, 2010
Danielle Ye: Box of Regret, 2010
Stefan Marx: Solomon Islands & Vanuatu, 2013
Ken Kagami: Brown Boy, 2017
Aurel Schmidt: Self Portrait, 2014
Tal R: Café Intime, 2015
Raymond Pettibon: Selected Works from 1982 to 2011, 2014
Dash Snow: Selected Works from 2001 to 2009, 2014
Wesley Willis: North Lake Shore Drive, 2007
Takashi Homma: Deer Revenge, 2015
Marcel Dzama: Mask Makers, 2017
Yuka Katagiri: Domicile Conjugal, 2008
Barry McGee: Ugly Plates, 2016
Maren Karlson: Dusty Heart, 2017
Andrea Heller: In Your House, 2015
Tim Barber: Highschool, 2007
Masanao Hirayama: 7050, 2017
Nathalie Du Pasquier: Square Paintings, 2013

每日早读名额15人。6月23日、24日,早读时间:9:00 - 10:00;早读收费:100元:早读课预约报名

Morning Reading Ghost presented by Nieves Books
Reading Director: Benjamin Sommerhalder
6.23/6.24 9:00 - 10:00
Address: Undefine M50

Fee: 100 rmb, including: reading out of print books/zines published by Nieves Books and selected by Benjamin Sommerhalder, communicate with Benjamin face to face ~
Space is limited and registration is required. Tickets Available: Book Here

curated by nos:books & BANANAFISH BOOKS

2018.06.22 - 06.24
Undefine M50上海艺术书展 第二分会场

挪石社nos:books是一家独立印刷出版社,2008年于台北成立。目前主要出版艺术家的意念、行为,出版品于挪石网站发售,并发行至台港欧美各城市,挪石社经常参加各地艺术书展来推广其出版物和出版理念;闲余时也贩售经挑选的各国限量画册、奇书、绝版书等。上海艺术书展策展人苏菲特别邀请挪石出版社创始人、艺术家Son Ni对挪石社历年(2008-2018)的出版物进行艺术家书阅读导览和印刷装帧内容解读,欢迎大家,特别是挪石社多年的铁杆粉丝们报名参加!每日早读名额15人。早读时间:9:00 - 10:00;早读收费:100元(赠送珍藏纪念版 nos:airline Risograph 三色海报,限量100张):早读课预约报名

nos:books is a press publisher founded in 2008 in Taipei. nos:books strives to realize artists' idea and concept, elaborating them in unique book forms. It was founded by artist Son Ni in 2008 in Taipei. Hong Kong artist Chihoi has been a partner at nos:books since 2014. nos:books with its artistic sense of paper, printing methods and binding ideas, tries to realize artists' concepts in unique book forms, publishing limited edition works by artists from Taiwan and abroad. It also runs an online store and attend book fairs worldwide.

nos:airline is a nos:books publication (2008-2018) exhibition curated by Son Ni and Qing of Bananafish Books. We invite you to take a travel with nos:books with the special nos:airline. From drawing, brainstorming, printing, binding, cutting, reading, shipping, calling, distributing, photo, to online store and book fair, how a one-man publisher could survive and fly on the air for a decade, still with energy and love and passion.

About Son Ni: Son Ni is a Tainiese artist who loves nature, lives in the city, works with drawing, and founded nos:books in 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan.
About Qing, Curator of Shanghai Art Book Fair, Founder of Bananafish Books.

Morning Reading presented by nos:books
Reading Director: Son Ni
6.23/6.24 9:00 - 10:00
Address: Undefine M50

Fee: 100 rmb, including: reading out of print books/zines with the story-telling from Son Ni, a nos:airline poster by Son Ni special for Shanghai Art Book Fair, 3 colors of risograph, limited editions of 100).
Space is limited and registration is required. Tickets Available: Book Here

24 Artist's Books from Charles Nypels Lab / Jan van Eyck Academie
curated by Jo Frenken and BANANAFISH BOOKS

荷兰 Jan van Eyck 学院 Charles Nypels Lab 24本精选艺术家书 陈列展
2018.06.22 - 06.24
Undefine M50上海艺术书展第二分会场

Charles Nypels Lab荷兰马斯特里赫特艺术学院Jan van Eyck内印刷和出版实验室,支持学院驻地艺术家在制作艺术家书和海报等印刷品上的各类工艺制作与出版实验室以一对一的指导帮助对在学院驻地的艺术家、作家、设计师、摄影师、诗人、科学家和学者们实现他们在出版物上的想法和创新。实验室拥有孔版印刷(Risograph/mimeograph, 丝网印刷),Letterpress和柔版印刷(凹版及凸版)等多而全的印刷实现形式。近年来以其在制作艺术家书的专业性和出版物的特别性、多样化逐渐成为一个国际性的出版印刷中心而备受关注。自2014年开始,Charles Nypels Lab每两年组织一场规模盛大的Magical Riso Biennial双年会,将世界各地的Riso专家聚集在学院一起讨论Risograph印刷对艺术出版物的影响。实验室主管:Jo Frenken.

Charles Nypels Lab为上海艺术书展精选的这24本艺术家书,都由在Jan van Eyck驻地艺术家自出版或是独立出版社出版,100-200印量不等,均采用Charles Nypels Lab实验室的Risograph印刷方式,在设计师Jo Frenken的帮助下,由艺术家亲自印刷+手工装订成册,作为每一个人在van Eyck半年到一年驻地期间的项目纪念出版物。这些艺术家书在不考虑大量生产、发行、成本的前提下,以想法的展开和印刷、装帧的特点为先,成为一本本概念性和美感度兼具的艺术家书。


关于早读课老师:关暐,产品/书籍设计师,毕业于德国HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd艺术设计学校,香蕉鱼书店联合创办人,上海艺术书展艺术总监,拥有多年丰富的设计、印刷、工艺制作经验。早读收费:100元;早读课预约报名


1. Sigrid Calon: To the Extend of…
2. Sean Kuhnke: Awnings
3. Rain Wu: RARA Speak
4. Karin Peulen: Apprentice Master
5. Iván Martínez López: Megaphone News
6. Jo Frenken & Miek Zwamborn: Tireragan
7. Jo Frenken & Miek Zwamborn: Oology
8. Dominique Hurth: Language in the Darkness of the World…
9. Julie van der Vaart: Skin
10. Julie van der Vaart: Mountains, Waves & Skies
11. Rosan Hollak: Mosaic
12. Paul Drissen: Boogje Boogje …
13. Ediciones Popolet: Ghost Pavillion
14. Maura Biava: Limaçon of…
15. Florette Dijkstra: Werkkamers
16. Stéphanie Lagarde: Iris (3 volumes)
17. Sarmad Magazine: Book Two
18. Nathania Rubin: Silly Creature
19. Stijn Peeters:Ezel,7 volumes
20. Johannes Schwartz:Tiergarten
21. Tim Hollander: The Lazy Artist…
22. Galia Eibenschutz: In the Gloom
23. Julius Heinemann: Jamonline
24. Various Artists: Magical Riso 2016

Morning Reading presented by Wei Guan
Art Director of Shanghai Art Book Fair, Founder of Bananafish Books
6.23/6.24 9:00 - 10:00
Address: Undefine M50
Fee: 100 rmb, including unfold and read all 24 out-of-print books, Mr.Wei introduces each book and shares his experience on book making, book printing with Risograph and book binding, hand-made binding tool to try how to bind a perfect bound book after the reading.
Space is limited and registration is required. Tickets Available Here

About the Curator: The Charles Nypels Lab for Printing & Publishing is renowned for its specialist expertise in making artists’ books and print editions. As part of the Van Eyck – a post-academic institute for artistic talent development based in Maastricht (NL) – it offers one-on-one guidance to artists, writers, designers, photographers, poets, scientists and essayists in developing their work. The Labs specialist areas include stencil print (risograph/mimeograph and screen print), letterpress and photopolymer (relief and intaglio). Several printing techniques may be combined, to prepare editions of hybrid publications and other printed work. In a short period, the Charles Nypels Lab has expanded to become an international centre of expertise and development for many sorts of artists’ publications. Every second year the Charles Nypels Lab organises the Magical Riso Biennial, welcoming Riso experts from around the world. Lab director: Jo Frenken.

Provoke and Photobooks of the 1960s and '70
curated by NITESHA & Jiazazhi Press/Library

「挑衅 Provoke」系列摄影书展,东京二手舍&假杂志图书馆共同策划
O ART CENTER 上海艺术书展主会场 二手舍NITESHA展位A13

日本古书店・二手舍将以「Provoke 挑衅」为切入点,以摄影书为主体探讨六〇、七〇年代日本摄影的动向及其时代背景。「Provoke 挑衅」一词来自1968年美术评论家多木浩二和摄影家中平卓马所策划,并邀请诗人冈田隆彦和摄影家高梨丰加入,所创刊的摄影同人志之刊名。摄影家森山大道于第二期加入。该杂志以「为了思想的挑衅式资料」为副标题,内容由影像、散文和诗歌构成。杂志一共发行了三期,最终于1970年3月结集出版了《先把正确的世界丢弃吧》之后,宣告解散。粗颗粒、因盲拍而导致的不稳定构图、失焦且不鲜明,这样的影像被揶俞为「粗劣・摇晃・失焦」,评论毁誉参半,时而给那个时代带来了超越摄影的深刻冲击。

此次书展,二手舍将带来《Provoke 挑衅》同人成员的摄影集,并加以同时代的海内外经典选书,试图以「书」来串连、铺陈该时代的摄影艺术发展脉络及氛围。2018年正好为《Provoke 挑衅》创刊50週年,二手舍很荣幸地宣布将于今年11月发行《Provoke 挑衅 复刻版》,盼透过此次书展,呈现六〇、七〇年代促成日本摄影多样貌的「挑衅式资料」。


NITESHA - a secondhand bookstore based in Tokyo is pleased to present a book exhibition taking "Provoke" as a keyword, through the presentation of photobooks to discuss the movements and the time background of Japanese photography in the 60s and 70s. The term "Provoke" came from the title of a photography dojin-shi, or self-published magazine published in 1968. It was originally conceived by art critic Koji Taki and photographer Takuma Nakahira, with poet Takahiko Okada and photographer Yutaka Takanashi as dojin members. The subtitle for the magazine was “Provocative Materials for Thought”, and each issue was composed of photographs, essays and poems. After releasing the second and third issue with Daido Moriyama as a subsequent member, the group broke up with their last publication First, Abandon the World of Pseudo-Certainty - an overview edition of the three issues. Provoke’s grainy, blurry, and out-of-focus photographs were initially ridiculed as are-bure-boke and stirred a great deal of controversy, yet it had created a strong impact inside and outside of the photography world during that time.

In this book exhibition, NITESHA will introduce photobooks by "Provoke" members, and a selection of notable books that are published in and out of Japan from the same period. We aim to illustrate the artistic context and atmosphere of the time background through the presentation of books. In addition to that, 2018 marks the 50th year since Provoke had first been published, NITESHA is pleased to announce that we will publish "Provoke Complete Reprint of 3 Volumes" this November. Through this book exhibition, we hope to present "provocative materials" which contribute to the varied faces of Japanese photography in the 60s and 70s.

About the Curator: NITESHA is a Tokyo-based secondhand bookstore specialized in arts and photography books. A book gallery NITESHA BGTP is located in Taipei. BOOK EXHIBITION is a project produced by NITESHA. Every time the exhibition will feature a different theme, and it is an interactive exhibition invites audiences to “see”, to “learn”, to “touch” and all the books are “purchasable”. NITESHA as a used bookstore specialized in arts and photography, in addition to the primary used books buy and sell services, they aim to convey the value and fascination of used and vintage books through the project of Book Exhibition.

Art World Special Project: Reading +
curated by Art World Magazine and O ART CENTER

2018.06.22 - 06.24




About “Reading +” With less people reading on paper and bookstores and print medias shutting down, we question if the print is dead. However, there exists a large fan base of reading print, with its influence expanding. Art World Magazine, a contemporary art magazine about to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, has been dedicated to curating and publishing, showing the readers various possibilities of reading through print magazines, exhibitions and lectures. During the three-day UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair, the magazine`s elaborated special project “READING +” invites reading aficionados to explore the 330 issues from 1979 and take the pleasure in multi-layered reading experience through themed display of our magazines. Since its inaugural issue in January 1979, Art World Magazine, with the goal of “Knowing the World Through Art”, records the times from a perspective of contemporary art.

What is an art magazine`s cover like 40 years ago? How does art magazine respond to the critical moments during the four decades? Is there really a barrier between contemporary art and life? What kind of possibilities a print publication holds as soon as it goes beyond flatness? If you are looking for answers for those questions, “READING +” might be the best starting point.

curated by BROWNIE Art Photography

2018.06.22 - 07.31
Undefine M50 上海艺术书展第二分会场

由Brownie Art Photography艺术总监nemo和艺术家郭盈光一同策划"Why I do photography?"摄影书展,以15本独立摄影书来讨论当下摄影师为什么要做一本摄影书的话题。在过去的十年里,摄影世界见证了Photobook的爆炸式增长——各种规模出版社的出现、越来越多的国际奖项和荣誉、形式愈发广泛的实践,以及越来越尖锐的批评话语。所以,摄影师为什么要做一本摄影书?它可以是一种叙述、一种观看、一种试图与观众建立联系的途径,也可以是来自个人的感受。每个艺术家都需要一个做书的理由,然而每个艺术家都不缺一个做书的好理由。

BROWNIE Art Photography 品牌诞生的初衷是向每一个人分享来自全球的摄影艺术作品及文化,致力于将摄影及视觉艺术带入生活,以创造具有艺术美感及灵感的生活方式。 我们相信,在这个时代,是以好作品为先。而好的摄影作品,是会带来启发、灵感、观点,以及另外的世界。并且,它们应当被更多人喜爱及拥有,与那些美好且有价值的事物一起,形成更为自在与自足的生活。 BROWNIE 关于摄影,又不止于摄影。地址:上海市南京西路1515号静安嘉里中心北区二楼06B. http://www.browniephoto.com

Over the past decade, the medium of photobook has experienced great changes, under the circumstances of different types of publishing houses, various international awards and prizes, influential experimentation and sharper critical discourse.Photobook does offer a narrative like no other, an very personable way of looking or a method can strongly resonate with audiences. And it also can be the personal expression of a deep emotion.Whereas each artist needs a reason to create a photobook, all good reasons are already there.

About the Curator: BROWNIE is a brand with a mission to make photography accessible for everyone. Using archival printing and framing techniques, we aim to offer limited editions of our international selection of art photographs to the public. We believe that good photography should be inspirational, innovative, and sometimes eccentric. BROWNIE hopes these art photographs can be appreciated and owned by more people so that they will thrive and flourish. BROWNIE is about photography, but also beyond photography.Address:N2-06B, Jing An Kerry Centre, 1515 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai, China. www.browniephoto.com

72 HOURS COMIC TABLE with 9 Illustrators in China
curated by AKI Jiang&Fenta, Supported by Microsoft Surface

2018.06.22 - 06.24 14:00 - 20:00
O ART CENTER Booth A20上海艺术书展主展场

「漫画接龙」是一种强调故事叙述性的绝佳实验。漫画中的人物形象、服饰、场景、时间、颜色等元素因人而异,反而让它的故事叙述性被强调出来。创作者揣测着上一位的故事发展思路,完成后你能看到这篇漫画拼连着参与者各自对故事发展的推进与扭转的奇妙想法。「72h Comic Table」是由插画师AKI与艺术家fenta受上海艺术书展组委会邀请特别策划,并集合9位出色的插画师、漫画家加入的书展三天漫画接龙活动。风格迥异的9位创作者将在现场进行72小时的漫画接龙创作,他们将如何完成这个故事,我们一起到现场观看吧,或许你还可以加入他们的创作队伍噢!本活动在现场将采用电脑绘图和现场打印的方式,让漫画故事在书展现场以墙面展的方式接龙下去。绘图工具感谢微软Surface Studio的友情赞助。


6/22:fenta / AKI / boilingman
6/23:豌豆先生 / 孙佳艺 / 王xx
6/24:鸟鸟一 / 色色 / papayep

策划人介绍:AKI,设计师、插画师。成立个人工作室Mushroom Studio,专注插画设计和纸张印刷的结合,热爱独立出版,自出版zine《绿の山》《AKISTORE》《Flower》。
fenta粉塔,艺术家,漫画创作者。创作AFU阿蝠、头猫等系列漫画;运营着以多种媒介建构的PPBB Project.

2018 Asia Risograph Conference
organized by Pausebread Press

2018.06.25 9:00 -- 16:00
O ART CENTER 上海艺术书展主会场

Risograph是传统印刷方式的一种, 由日本理想科学工业开发的一种高速数字印刷技术。单色印刷最初的设计用途是办公文案的输出,由于其特别的印刷效果以及专色油墨自由的色彩表现力,鲜艳明亮,加以不同种类的纸、不同色彩的纸的应用,Risograph近年来被一些设计师和创作人重新发现并加以改造,用作书籍、艺术家作品集、限量版艺术海报等创意类方向的印刷。Risograph与丝网印刷工艺类似,每种颜色需要单独的滚筒,多种颜色的内容需要通过多次印刷完成。它的印张有着类似丝网印刷的独特美感,但又比丝网印刷多出许多设计上的创意乐趣,如油墨的透明性产生的叠色效果,可调解网点大小、角度。加之专色油墨的使用,给人一种可精细可粗粝的质感,印刷成本不高,适合小型工作室和个人的独立印刷创作。近年来伴随着世界各类艺术书展、Zine Fest的不断涌现,Risograph对艺术书展出版物的生产起到了极大的促进作用。

2018亚洲Risograph研讨会的发起,正是基于对这个现象的积极回应,Asia Risograph Conference未来将跟随上海艺术书展的举办时间,邀请各地,特别是亚洲地区的Risograph工作室进行年度同好讨论会,交流运营一家Risograph的心得与体会,分享喜悦和成就,倾听苦闷与艰辛。ARC同时受到马斯特里赫特Charles Nypels Lab每两年举办的Magaical Riso和由美国ISSUE PRESS和Perfectly Acceptable发起的North American Risograph Conference的影响。ARC也希望借由这样的开放的分享态度,让更多中国的年轻人更多地了解Risograph印刷技术,重新思考印刷工艺在作品创作、实际运用中的角色,对rethinking一件作品的纸上呈现,它可有的另外一种选择。2018亚洲Risograph研讨会受邀分享工作室:

Birdy Press_广州
g***d press_北京
Off to(_) Alone_首尔
Pausebread Press_上海
S-Tones Printing_北京

时间 演讲主题 嘉宾和工作室 语言
9:00 - 9:10 Open Introduction of 2018 Asia Risograph Conference 会议开幕 Wei Guan, Pausebread Press CN
9:10 - 9:25 How to Run a Risograph Studio by My Own 个人如何运作Risograph工作室 Maf, 广州 Birdy Press CN
9:30 - 9:45 Why We Are Opening Micro Riso Studios 我们为什么开了一家微型Riso工作室 Soojin Kim, 首尔 Off to(_)Alone EN
9:50 - 10:20 How To Separate Colors and Arrange Pages for Risograph File 如何对作品进行分色 Sein, 首尔 popurri EN
10:25 - 11:05 Project Projects 项目立项 Wei, 上海 Pausebread Press CN
11:10 - 11:30 Why do We Say No to Customers 我们为什么对顾客说不 Li Xiang, 北京 S-Tones Printing CN
11:35 - 11:50 All We Have Is a Risograph Printer 我们所有的就是一台Riso机 Leo, 香港 dotdotdot CN
11:50 - 12:50 Break,Risograph Workshop and Exhibition 中场休息,工作坊和特别展。ARC为与会观众准备了免费小吃和饮料,Risograph体验工作坊,丝网印刷体验工作坊,世界100+RISO工作室色卡展。 Free snacks&drinks, Risograph Workshops, GOCCOPRO Workshop, Risograph Color Charts Exhibition. CN
13:00 - 13:40 (think) out of office 在规则中寻找不规则 Pip, 台北 OdotOO CN
13:45 - 14:00 A Riso Studio in Hutong 一间胡同里的Riso工作室 Zijie, 北京 g***d press CN
14:05 - 14:20 The Way We Encounter with Riso....我们跟Riso的相遇相知 Peng, 香港 ZINE COOP CN
14:25 - 15:05 Corners and RISO Corners设计工作室和RISO Hyojoon Jo, 首尔 Corners EN
15:10 - 15:30 Primitive Alchemy 土法炼钢 Son ni, 台北 nos:books CN
15:30 - 16:00 Panel Discussion by Jo, Pip and Wei 三人对谈 首尔x 台北 x 上海 Corners, OdotOO, Pausebread Press EN


ARC由上海加餐面包印社于2018年发起。加餐面包印社Pausebread Press成立于2011年1月,旨在为国内的摄影师、插画师、独立出版人、设计师、画廊、艺术院校和其它文化机构,以及普通艺术爱好者提供一 个定制的专属印刷平台,并以此支持相应领域的发展。目前印社有Risograph, GOCCOPRO100, Comcolor多样化印刷方式。www.pausebread.com

2018亚洲Risograph研讨会门票:150元 门票包含:全程会议参与,多个工作坊免费体验,仅为期一天的世界百家RISO色卡展,小吃和饮品,前70位成功报名会议参加者赠送11个工作室Riso作品大礼包。

2018 Asia Risograph Conference (ARC) is delicated to celebrate Risograph, a remarkable new-oriental printing method in nowadays versatile and creative applicaitons: in books, zines, catalogues, posters, calendars, etc. all kinds of ideas&paper-related publications and projects. ARC is orgazined by Pausebread Press, the first risograph studio in China since 2011.1 by designer Wei Guan. ARC is inspired by Magical Riso curated by Charles Nypels Lab and North American Risograp Conference curated by ISSUE PRESS & Perfectly Acceptable, with its vision and mission to gather founders of Risograph stuidos in Shangahi annually to share and discuss the year-round understanding and printing achivements on Risograph, particularly for Asia part. ARC supports young people to get to know risograph better, rethinking it as an alternative way to create something different and something new, on paper.

2018 Asia Risograph Conference has got great encouragement from UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair, with the support from RISO CHINA, providing Risograph and GOCCOPRO machines for workshops, and thanks O ART CENTER for the conference space.

»Colors unite!« Color Charts by 100+ Risograph Studios in the World
curated by We make it

2018.06.25 10:00 - 16:00
O ART CENTER 上海艺术书展主会场内

»Colors unite!«是一个集合了全球100多家Risograph工作室的色卡印刷品的收藏展。是由柏林We make it Risograph工作室策划的Riso图书馆项目Herbarium Riso library发起的一个多年征集主题。»Colors unite!«第一次的公开展示发生在2016年11月25日马斯特里赫特Jan van Eyck学院举办的Magaical Riso研讨会期间。随后巡展至由鹿特丹PrintRoom策划Nitty Gritty活动上。»Colors unite!«的初衷是希望通过这个策划展示全世界各地RISO工作室对孔版印刷Risograph的创意、热情和技术,它所带来的诸多社会影响。这些色卡象征性地表现了这些主理人、创作人、设计师对于此印刷技术单纯的热情与钟爱。除此之外,这些色卡也从各个方面体现了在无任何官方指导运用的条件下,每个工作室自发地从自己的印刷实践中总结出对Risograph用于单色/多色印刷、套版印刷等的经验之道。

受到加餐面包印社的邀请,We make it将»Colors unite!«巡展至上海,成为第一届亚洲Risograph研讨会最壮观的一景,也是第一届上海艺术书展重点策划展览之一,仅一天展期。提醒:观看Colors unite!需提前预定亚洲Risograph研讨会门票:ARC门票

关于策展人:We make it 是一家位于柏林的Risograph印刷及设计工作室,由设计师Franziska Brandt和Moritz Grünke成立,提供给当地艺术艺术家设计师,出版物爱好者一个能制作出精良又手工感强的印刷平台。两人早在2007年即成立的出版品牌Gloria Glitzer,也策划和出版物相关的展览。www.we-make.it

»Colors unite!« is a collection of color charts and how-to tutorials by 100+ Riso print studios from all around the globe. It was put together over the past years at the Herbarium Riso library and exhibited for the first time during the Magical Riso Conference at Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht on November 25th, 2016. Afterwards it was also shown during the »Nitty Gritty« event at PrintRoom in Rotterdam.The intention of »Colors unite!« is to show the creativity, passion and skills, riso printers all over the world put into those ephemera. They are an extract of pure enthusiasm and love for this technique. Beyond that they show the different approaches to this technique as there is no general manual to follow to understand the Riso process. Invited by Pausebread Press, We make it would love to send all the color charts for 2018 Aisa Risograph Conference, as the curator of »Colors unite!« exhibition in Shanghai, it is also as one of the most important exhibitons for the UNOFLD 2018 Shanghai Art Book Fair. Thanks!

About the Curator: We Make It: We make it is a Risograph print studio, a library and exhibition space based in Berlin dedicated to artists, designers and people who love excellent and handcrafted printed matter. We make it is a project by Franziska Brandt und Moritz Grünke who also founded Gloria Glitzer, a small press for artists books, in 2007. Since then they published lots of artzines, attends at many art(ists’) book fairs all over Europe and curated several exhibitions on self-publishing artists.At We make it Franziska and Moritz provide their knowledge and experience to help people to get their zines, books and other printed matter published.